Better WiFi Manager for Windows 10

End Windows WiFi Frustration

The brilliant boys across the lake from me at Microsoft thought it would be smart to reduce the ability to manage WiFi connections in Windows 10. On my computers with Windows 10 the refresh option has disappeared.

Removal of that option increased further my dislike for the Windows WiFi manager that was already deficient in useful information such as the channel number.

Recently I found a nifty, free Windows program to replace the Microsoft WiFi manager.

The program is NetSetMan (Network Settings Manager — I think).

Within NetSetMan is NSM WiFi Management.

What a blessing this free program is. Check it out.

Turn Youtube Video into Audio Podcast

Youtube as Resource

Youtube is a great resource for all kinds of information. Frequently, the important part of a Youtube video is not the video, but the audio. I like to listen to conference panels and other discussions while driving or doing housework or taking a walk.

Even though streaming video might be possible while on the move, streaming video eats up data limits on mobile devices. Downloading the video can be a pain, and frankly, playing back video from the mobile device drains the battery.

Convert Youtube to Audio Podcast

What I do now is extract the audio from the Youtube videos where I don’t need to watch the video.

I generally use this website:

Listen to Youtube

Here’s another option: