Eugene Cernan

Man on the Moon Picture

Many years ago I drove a car from Seattle to a Chicago suburb in what was then known as a “drive-away” car. Basically, the car needed to be moved from point A to B and drivers, such as myself, would drive the car, paying only for gas. This was a way to get some reasonably cheap transport from point A to B.

Upon arriving at a home in suburban Chicago, I had a few minutes to relax in the front room of the household receiving the car. As I looked at the pictures on the wall, I cam upon one picture that absolutely grabbed my attention. The high-quality picture was of a man walking on the moon. It was autographed — to “Mom” — as I recall. The picture was signed by Eugene Cernan.

Shortly thereafter the “Mom” appeared in the room. I said “You must have been a proud mother.” Response: “Yes, I was.”

Only then did I get confirmation that I had landed in the boy-hood home of Eugene Cernan. What a treat. And to see a unique picture autographed by a unique man.

Not many moms can display a picture of their son walking on the moon. All mom’s should be proud of their son’s achievements.

In respectful memory of Eugene Cernan’s passing.