Capturing Webinars

Lately I’ve been attending a lot of webinars. Unfortunately, during webinars, I’ve been getting interrupted or otherwise distracted (which can happen when the kitchen is taking five months to remodel). Also, I don’t always want to wait for a link from the webinar producer. Sometimes there is no opportunity to view a recording.

To solve this problem, I’ve began capturing the webinars myself. I’ve been using Camtasia from Techsmith for screen recordings. Another great feature of this software is the ability to capture live webinars — video and sound.

With three monitors on the main computer, I can move the webinar to the third, less important monitor, define the screen area in Camtasia, and begin the recording. When done, pressing F10 on the Windows machine stops the recording and provides the save option. (Stopping is also simple on the Macbook Pro.)

By making my own recordings, I immediately gain control of the educational resources and can easily skip through the recording to find the information I need.