Today I encountered a problem that needed a good solution and I finally found one — after a bit of frustration. I was porting a phone number from one carrier to another. I wanted to keep the exact same voice mail greeting that was on the losing carrier. Unfortunately, there was no way to download the audio. So, I tried to get Google voice working on my desktop but could not get that working right (as it has in the past) so that I could try to capture the audio with Audacity. I then tried a few apps on my Android phone. The apps would only record my voice, not what I was listening to. Finally, I sought out a cloud service (via Bing and Google searches) to record calls. I created a trial account with I called the phone number through SaveYourCall then downloaded the audio file. Then I brought the audio file into Audacity, did some editing to clean it up, and uploaded to the new carrier. This took longer than I had wanted, but it got done. If one tool does not work, try another. If that does not work, try another.