This Lamp Speaks to Me


It’s really cool I can sit on this couch, pick up the tablet on the end table to peruse websites, and have this lamp speak to me. Sometimes the talk is consoling. Sometimes educational. Sometimes amusing.
Lest you think I have voices in my head, I don’t.
What I have is a very neat light bulb inside this lamp.
The bulb also has a bluetooth speaker built in, which becomes the audio outlet for whatever I want to listen to from the tablet while browsing the web. Very handy. I get light for seeing and better audio for listening. It’s a great combination.
This affordable bulb is from About $26. This is about 1/3 of the cost of similar bulbs I’ve seen in stores.
I’ve used the Flux Smart bulb not only with tablet, but also with smart phone and laptop computer that has horrible audio.

— Bruce Miller

Innovative Keyboard Light

Not all computer keyboards (laptop or desktop) have backlighting. I found an innovative solution in a dual-head LED music stand light.

Each LED light is at the end of a gooseneck arm for easy positioning.

The music stand light I purchased runs off AC and batteries. Others run off USB or just batteries.

The low setting is just right for showing the keys in dark places. USB lights that I previously tried were just too bright.

Here are some examples from Amazon: