Interval Timer

For a very, very long time I’ve been searching for a digital interval timer. I wanted the ability to set a timer that was beyond the simple countdown timer. I wanted to be able to have something on x number of minutes and off y number of minutes. Why? Here are some examples:

— my cup (for tea) warmer was a tad too warm for me, so if I could cut the amount of heat time to 2/3 or 1/2, it would still stay warm and use less electricity

— I have some cooling fans that don’t need to be on 24/7. Coming on every 10 minutes for 3 minutes could be enough.

Finally, I discovered what I wanted — on Amazon. Click here to see what I purchased.

I’ve seen the same device under different brand names.

I’ve been testing it out on a string of LED red Christmas lights for a week. Going solid. Two minutes on, one minute off.

The device also does count down turn on. Or, you can do the interval within a set span of time.

Programming the interval was not difficult, but one must follow the instructions.

Must-Have USB Power Supply

The number of devices I own that require USB power keeps increasing. And so do the number of USB power sources to run and charge these devices.

The problem with many USB power sources is the limited current for each port. Some devices with four ports will share an 2 amps. This means multiple devices can require more than 2 amps and weird things can happen. I found this out recently when I plugged three devices into the same 4-port USB power source and all three devices started acting strange with flashing screens, noises indicating a charge and no charge. The problem was not enough current (amps) to support those three devices combined.

What i needed I found in the Anker 6-port, 60 watt, power supply. Each port has 2 amps of power. Check it out:

There are other brands that look similar. Be sure of the power rating for each port.

— Bruce Miller