Over the years I’ve accumulated a LOT of flash drives. So many drives here and there that I had completely lost track of what was on what drive.

I finally decided to take control of this assorted mess by designating a container for the devices and looking at the contents of each one. However, there is really no room add a label or write on the drive to indicate what was inside.

After some thinking, I decided to get a box of #3 coin envelopes. Each envelope is easily big enough to store a single drive and there is enough room on the envelope to write notes. There are bigger envelopes, but I decided on the #3 in part to keep the storage size down. The minimum number of envelopes I could purchase was 500. So, with a lot of envelopes, using new ones when content changes is not a problem. Now I can easily see which drives have bootable Linux operating systems and which drives contain files with content.