My elderly neighbor tried on her own to update her Kindle 2nd Edition. Desparate, she gave me a call. Sure enough, she was having problems because the Kindle was having problems. Once I got those problems resolved, it was time to apply the software update by copying the file from the computer to the Kindle via USB connection. Alas, it would not work. Every attempt at copying resulted in an error message on the Windows 7 computer stating that properties of the file might be lost. Even the Amazon helper on the phone with me was stumped. We both did some fast research and discovered the problem. For reasons unknown, downloading the update file (*.bin) into a Dropbox folder was creating the error. The Amazon helper suggested there is some sort of untoward interaction between Dropbox and Amazon’s DRM (digital rights management). Once I downloaded the file into a non-Dropbox folder the update proceeded without a problem. Could this happen to other files? Maybe. Something to keep in mind if you run into a similar problem.