There’s an increasing push to have all websites use https instead of http. Htttps creates a secure connection between the browser and the web server.

A new initiative called Let’s Encrypt ( is providing free https certificates.

Dreamhost has jumped on the bandwagon and made it very easy to add a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Through the domain’s control panel there is a special feature and form that takes mere minutes to complete and from there everything is automatic. Very slick, very cool.

If running a WordPress site, beware that you might have to make a few changes in the WordPress settings section for the site’s URL.

Additionally, it might be necessary to add a line or two to the .htaccess file in the website’s root directory. This is not a huge ordeal, but you need to know what to add and where and how to get to the .htaccess file to edit.

Nevertheless, if your site is on Dreamhost, check into this fantastic free feature from Dreamhost and Let’s Encrypt.

— Bruce