On May 21, 2016 I received a promotional email from Hostgator for MySocialSuite.com. My first thought was that this is a hootsuite.com competitor.

I decided to check it out and what I found — or didn’t find — makes me dubious.

There is no about page. Who is behind this? No clue.

I did a whois lookup on the domain and it is privacy protected.

The contact page is simply a form. There is no company info at all on the site, unlike HootSuite, which shows a map of their headquarters in Vancouver, BC.

I wrote to Hostgator asking some questions about MySocialSuite. No response.

I filled out the contact form at MySocialSuite asking for more info. In response I got an automated email that started with this:

“Thank you for emailing MySocialSuite.com Support. As you know we have over 10 Million users so providing support to absolutely everyone is very difficult.”

I found that statement interesting, considering:

* The domain was created January 13, 2016 according to whois. They went from nothing to 10 million users in four months? I don’t believe that in the least.

* If they had 10 million users, one would think there would be scans of hits on Google about this service.

* If they had 10 million users, one would think there would be screen shots and training videos. There are none on the site as I type.

* If they had 10 million users, why isn’t the company being above board by revealing ownership and HQ location?

My conclusion: best to skip MySocialSuite.com and I wonder why Hostgator would even promote such a place, which in turn raises suspicions about Hostgator.