Learn How to Protect Client Data Before It’s Too Late

Learn the basics of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Get savvy in this 1-hour webinar

And also learn how to side-step location-based content blocking

Ever work on the go? In a coffee shop, hotel lobby, or airport? Or even on wifi at home next to neighbors? Your greatest security and privacy risk is from data as it passes to and from your devices.

Big organizations are not the only victims of data breachs

In a recent experiment, a 7-year-old girl was able to get into a computer via open wifi in a coffee-shop setting. If a 7-year-old can figure it out, is your client data safe?

A study conducted by AirTight Networks showed that about 80% of the Wifi networks in airports were open, meaning that there was no encryption. Only 3% of the users were using VPNs to encrypt and protect their data.

Affordable Protection

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are simple and inexpensive methods to protect data by encrypting that data while in transit — and create a barrier into your computer.

Think of the Internet as a series of water pipes that anyone can tap into. Then imagine having your own impervious steel pipe from your computer through all the water pipes to your destination. You would have your own secure connection from your device to some far-off destination. That’s a VPN.

Added Benefit from VPNs

One of the great benefits of learning and using VPNs is access to content that would otherwise be blocked.

Many content providers restrict access to content based on location. Using a VPN can circumvent those blocks.

This example message, for example, is from Aljazeera.com when trying to stream the network from a US location. See the larger screen shot below.

At the end of the webinar, you will


Understand how VPNs can protect personal and client data


Know different ways to implement a VPN at home or on the go


Understand key VPN concepts


Where to find VPN services

Just $25 To Get Up To Speed

The cost to attend this live webinar — with time for Q&A — is just $25.

You will leave with a good grasp of what a VPN is, the benefits and drawbacks of VPNs, and various ways you can implement a VPN.

The webinar is a combination of Powerpoint slides, live demonstrations, and questions and answers.

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About Bruce Miller, the Instructor

I’ve been using VPNs for many years to gain access to content that is location-blocked.

I also like the benefits of security and privacy. I’m way more comfortable ordering items online in a hotel or coffee shop when I know my connection is encrypted.