Like others, I have completely functional computers running Windows 7 that I do not want upgraded to Windows 10. Among other things, there is is no guarantee that everything will work or that there will be drivers for all the various types of hardware used by the computer.

I do have some computers using Windows 10. But the bottom line is that I want the operating system to be my choice, not Microsoft’s.

Figuring out how to disable a Windows 10 installation can be a giant puzzle if you consult Microsoft. Fortunately, Steve Gibson — original founder of Spinrite for you older users — has provided a free, simple utility, to stop the Windows 10 march into automatic installation.

Go to this page:

Download the file and run. It will tell you if Windows 10 installation is enabled or not and give you the option to decide what you want to happen — install or not install.

If your operating system has already downloaded Windows 10 files, the Never 10 program will detect them and offer to remove them. Removing them can free up to 6 gigs of space.

I’ve run Never 10 on several computers with no ill effects. Having been a long-time fan of Steve Gibson, I also have confidence that this free utility is harmless.