Virtual Private Networks

Three Important Reasons To Use a VPN Service

A webinar that explains and demonstrates

If you care about your security, privacy, and access to content, these are three excellent reasons to know about and use Virtual Private Networks — also known as VPNs.

  1. Security: Wifi is everywhere these days. Security is not.
  2. Privacy: Keep your Internet traffic from prying eyes and systems.
  3. Access to Forbidden Content: Great content is not for everyone — unless you have the know how.

1. Security
Stories abound about insecure wifi — and the dangers. Without an encrypted connection, your data is exposed for the taking. For example, using an open (no password) wifi network in a coffee shop exposes your banking login information to anyone who might be sniffing. VPN to the rescue.

2. Privacy
There many potential reasons you want privacy:

  • Domestic violence victim
  • Client documents
  • Keeping your home IP# private when downloading legitimate files

3. Access to blocked content
Consider the access to Aljezeera English TV news network. If you are in the US, you get the following result when you try to stream.

Virtual Private Network Example
Or consider the subtle differences on the BBC website, depending on your location. See the image below, when you arrive from the United States.
Virtual Private Network Example
Now take a look at the same page and URL when arriving at the page from within the United Kingdom. Note the extra radio link: BBC News Channel.
Virtual Private Network Example

My one-hour webinar on “Three Important Reasons To Use a VPN Service” is a low-tech, understandable introduction to VPNs. The webinar will cover:

  • Reasons to use VPNs
  • Risks of not using a VPN
  • An Introduction to key words and concepts
  • Examples — live and recorded — of forbidden content
  • Methods of implementing a VPN (computers, mobile devices, home routers)
  • Creating a foreign Wifi connection in your home
  • Best times to use a VPN
  • Resources

The cost to attend this live webinar — with time for Q&A — is just $25.

You will leave with a good grasp of what a VPN is, the benefits and drawbacks of VPNs, and various ways you can implement a VPN.

The webinar is a combination of Powerpoint slides, live demonstrations, and questions and answers.

Next webinars are scheduled thus:

  • October xx, 2015, 3:00PM Pacific
  • October xx, 2015, 3:00PM Pacific

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About Bruce Miller, the Instructor

I’ve been using VPNs for many years to gain access to content that is location-blocked. In other words, if you are in the US you may not have access to content in the UK.

I also like the benefits of security and privacy. I’m way more comfortable ordering items online in a hotel or coffee shop when i know my connection is encrypted.