When I’m ready to get down on my big computer I want the dual monitors to be on by the time I get into my chair. The chair is on the opposite side of the room’s entrance.

To fix this problem I spent about $20 for a wireless, remote switch. I have the remote switch next to the door. When I walk in I push a button and the remote switch turns on power to the monitors. By the time I’m in my chair the monitors are on and ready to go.

In the operating system I had to set the monitors to never turn off when on AC power even when not in use. This is not a problem, though, because I click the off button on the way out and the monitors turn off.

In similar fashion, I have an HD radio in the basement tuned to BBC World Service. (In Seattle we can get BBC World Service on a digital FM station). When I enter the basement to work, I click a button on a remote switch to turn on the radio and by the time I’m engaged in basement activity, I’m catching up on world news.

There are scads of remote wireless switches from which to choose. The Woods 13569 Indoor Plug-In Wireless Remote Control w/ 3 Outlets, White is just one example.

A variation of wireless switches are motion detectors. You could replace the wireless switch with a motion detector turn on power to monitors automatically as you enter the room.