If you have a Comcast (xfinity) Internet account, you also have access to the xfinity wifi hotspots anywhere you find them.

Once you connect to a xfinity wifi hotspot you typically are redirected to a Comcast login page. However, if your computer or other device has connected before, Comcast sometimes recognizes the device and does not require login.

This Comcast feature is a nice perk for Comcast subscribers. However, some Comcast subscribers have connected to xifnity hotspots but were unable to load any web page, including the Comcast login page. In the Chrome browser this message often appears: “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET”.

The solution for a Windows computer and an Apple (Macbook Pro) computer was to remove the Google DNS numbers of and and either 1) allow the DNS numbers to be retrieved automatically or 2) insert different numbers manually. The different numbers that were manually put into the computers where these: and These are the two default Comcast DNS servers.

Not surprisingly, Comcast support was of no help figuring out the solution.